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10 Mommy and Me Date Ideas

Hey mamas! Today I wanted to share “10 Mommy and Me Date Ideas” that you can do with your kids. I am a mommy to a little princess and having fun ideas to do with my daughter is super important. Whether you want to spend money or not, I have some awesome ideas for you:

  1. Mani & Pedi-this is the perfect idea for a mommy and daughter date. Why not take your baby for a self care date?
  2. Walk in the park- you can never go wrong with a free walk in the park. Not only can you enjoy nature, but you can spend quality time with your kid(s).
  3. Dinner dates in the kitchen– kids love using their hands to learn, so a dinner date at home making a homemade pizza would be an awesome way to engage with your children.
  4. Go skating- skating is such a fun activity for the family. Hit up your local skating rink for a fun family day out.
  5. Play board games- If you have some extra board games at home, this is a fun way to get the family to interact with each other. One of my favorite board games is “Trouble”.

Mommy and Me Date Ideas That Are Cost Effective

  1. Ice cream- go and grab ice cream! Kids love a sweet treat that they can snack on in the sun.
  2. Play with chalk– this is a fun way to interact with your kids, because it requires everyone to be creative.
  3. Go to lunch- One of my favorite mommy and me dates is going to Olive Garden. They have great deals for lunch and it’s super affordable for the family.
  4. Have a movie night– Whether you go to a theater or stay at home, this date night idea is a classic. It is also fun for the family. Pop some popcorn and kick up your feet.
  5. Go to a theme park– Kids love a theme park! This is a super exciting idea that children will love!

These ideas are super simple and some are really cost effective. I highly recommend trying these out if you are constantly trying to think of new ways to spend quality time with your kids.

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