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10 Things Every Mom Should Buy From The Dollar Store

10 Things Every Mom Should Buy From The Dollar Store

I’m sure that all parents love to save a few dollars here and there. Especially when you learn how expensive being a parent can be. By the way, this post is in no way sponsored, I’m sharing these products from Dollar Tree, because I know that they have great deals. One of the best places to shop for baby items that you may need last minute is Dollar Tree. I’m not talking about the dollar stores where everything isn’t one dollar. I’m speaking of a place where you can go, knowing that when you shop , everything that you purchase will be one dollar each, plus a little tax of course. So let’s get into these must have items!

  1. Bottle Brush- you can easily find these once you walk into the baby section of Dollar Tree. I purchased two from Amazon. The first one was a cheap brand and the second was a Dr. Browns bottle brush. Not that these brushes weren’t effective. But, they both are in the trash now so that lets you know that they were wore out after a short while. Those brushes ran me about $5 each. Now my Dr. Brown brush was very firm for a long time, but it didn’t have that little end brush to get into the small creases. I suggest getting the brush from the dollar store because they’re cheap, and the 2 brushes I purchased lasted me about 6 months each. I spent around $10 total, when I could’ve easily spent $2 at the Dollar Tree on these bottle brushes that ware off anyway. It’s completely up to you though. However, as a mother I now know that the cheap brands are just as effective as the expensive brands. 
  2. Baby wipes- now don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather buy a box of Huggies or Pampers wipes, but these $1 packs of wipes definitely come in handy. Whether you’re running low on wipes or just need some extra wipes to have in the car or in a diaper bag. I’d definitely suggest these wipes.
  3. Bibs- to be completely honest, I hardly ever used a bib for my baby. But she has tons of them still. I highly suggest getting your bibs from the dollar store. You can use them when you and your baby travel, at home, you can even use them for daycare. They’re a super good tool to have if you don’t want your baby’s clothes getting destroyed by spaghetti sauce. 
  4. Bottles-I was very fortune you rack up on bottles, from sample bags, cheap finds, and from my baby shower. However, if you’re maybe on your second child or just can’t afford to spend lots of money. I’d honestly suggest setting aside $10 a paycheck just to shop in the baby section at the dollar store. I guarantee you’ll leave out with some gems. 
  5. A nose suction thingy- yeah I don’t know what to call these things. But, I’m sure every mom knows what I’m talking about. These things are truly heaven sent. My daughter has been sick on and off from starting daycare a few months ago and these things definitely help suction out some of that snot that clogs up your babes nose. And of course it’s $1, so why not.
  6. Hand soap- You are able to buy the huge things of refillable hand soap from the dollar store for $1. Yes, seriously though. These things typically run from $3-$4 depending on where you shop. This will come in handy because as a mom, you’ll be too tired to do a lot of things. So you’ll want to make sure you’re stocked up on household items like hand soap.
  7. Batteries- if your baby has toys that take typically sized batteries, or even if you have a fire stick or roku player, I highly suggest getting your triple A or Double A batteries from the dollar store. They have come in handy for me throughout the years. Not saying that you don’t want the great batteries, but sometimes your remote may die and you’re out of batteries. Let’s say it’s not in your budget to spend $5-$10 on batteries. Why not get a quick pack of around 6 batteries that will last you 2-3 months months until you can budget in the good batteries?
  8. Condiments- you’ll notice that if you go to you’re typical big brand name stores, they’ll add on extra cents to their prices , why? Because they can and they know their customers love to shop with them. However, if you need things like pickles, banana peppers, chicken broth, or even ketchup. I highly recommend to buy these things for $1 from the dollar tree. I know the extra cents that these stores tack on may not seem like a lot. But trust me, that change adds up and you’ll probably wish you would’ve went to the dollar store instead.

10 Things Every Mom Should Buy From The Dollar Store

  1. Cleaning products- As a parent, some days you’ll be too tired to clean. But when you’re ready to clean, you don’t want to be out of your favorite cleaning products. All for $1 each you can get sponges, commit or Ajax, pinesol, etc. I highly recommend stocking up on your cleaning supplies at your local dollar store.
  2. Party supplies- of course your kids only have one birthday a year, but if you have multiple kids or host events at your home a lot, the dollar store is the perfect place to stock up on party supplies. They have the balloons , cups, plates, napkins, etc. all for $1 each. This is definitely something I suggest doing to save money. You can always host an amazing event, but saving money on the small things. 

I truly hope you all have enjoyed this post and take in consideration the awesome items you can save money on, simply by shopping at the dollar store. Some people may be a little prideful to shop at the dollar store and some may simply like specific brands. Either way, there’s always something that we’re all spending extra money on that we can simply save money on my shopping at the dollar store. Please feel free to share your thoughts, or cheap life hacks that you’ve learned below. If you feel like someone could benefit from this post, please share. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this post. 

Later Mama–


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3 months ago

Girl I love save because it seems I love to spend lol. The dollar store use to be my jam + then we moved a lot farther from ours. Sooo many really slept on products for sooo cheap

Zoe Meghan Blogs
3 months ago

Great post! Thank you for sharing, I wish I had a dollar store where I live lol

3 months ago

I’ve been watching youtube videos from “Vivian Tries” she do all types of reviews from dollar store to aldi. Thanks to her I’ve been really excited to try dollar store products. It’s a total shame we don’t have dollar stores in my country.

3 months ago

Great tips. I’m well beyond the baby stage and while I didn’t buy baby stuff at the dollar store, I also didn’t pay retail prices for anything for years. Babies just grow through too much to be spending all the money. I DO use the dollar tree all the time now though. Greeting cards, gift wrapping, party supplies, stocking stuffers and hair accessories for my little girl. It saves so much! It’s a first stop when we need things. Good post. It will help a lot of parents buying for babies.

~ Cassie | letsgrowmom.com

3 months ago

This is a helpful post for all mum’s who can shop there. It is always great to find a bargain. Thank you for sharing.