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As moms we all struggle with ways to be productive at times. So I’m going to share 10 ways to be productive as a mom.

  1. Batch cook- batch cook and freeze your meals. This is a great way to relieve some daily stress.
  2. Get help- whether you get help from your parents or your oldest children, find ways to take a load off of yourself so that way you can focus on other tasks.
  3. Use a planner- the best way to stay organized as a mom is to keep a planner so that you don’t miss any important tasks.
  4. Get it done during nap time- if you have a lot to get done do it during nap time or bed time.

More Ways To Be Productive As A Mom

  1. Wake up early- waking up thirty minutes earlier can help you be productive.
  2. Call up your mom friends- get your mom friends together and you all have a mom and kid date. This keeps the kids busy and even gives you quality time with your mom friends.
  3. Hire a sitter- this option may be a little pricey, but even if it’s once per month.
  4. Have your kids help- If you need help cleaning or cooking, have the kids help.
  5. Just say no- sometimes you just have to say no to your kids or spouse.
  6. Be proud- sometimes as a mom it’s just enough to make sure your kids are breathing and in good health.

As moms we juggle so much and sometimes we just need some ideas to keep us going. I hope this post has helped you and if it has please leave a comment below or leave a suggestion.

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3 months ago

Great post! I love this list especially the hire a sitter, option! It is such a stress-reliever to look forward to someone coming to help you. Those are the moments I felt I could conquer the world!
Crystal | http://www.amazingbaby.app