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I’m going to give you 3 mistakes I made resulting in a spoiled baby. I’m sure there are many moms out there that are guilty of spoiling their first child. I myself am guilty of this as well. It has been a challenge because my baby girl wants what she wants and throws her back out at the sound of the word no. At the same time it has its cute moments when you look at your baby in awe, knowing that the only reason they are this spoiled rotten is because you love them so much. Anyway if you are scared of the wild adventures that will come from having a spoiled baby, here are 3 mistakes that I made that may come in handy if you’re expecting or a very knew mom.

3 Mistakes I Made Resulting in a Spoiled Baby

  • Put them in their crib– I am terribly guilty of not doing this and I must admit there were many times when the sleep safety rules pounded me in my brain. At the same time not having my baby right by me made me so paranoid. I always felt more comfort having her right by my side. However, this has resulting in her throwing a fit anytime she’s put into her crib. Don’t get me wrong my baby did sleep in her bed every now and again, but this was not a consistent thing, which made her believe that sleep time should always be with mommy. I even had tried to start sleeping in her room with her , rather sleeping in the nursing chair or  on her floor. This still did not work however because I had waited too long to start practicing these habits which were at about 5 months old. And this in turn did not work. Not saying that all babies are this way, but, if you want to stay away from possibly spoiling your baby too much, it’s best to start the crib sleeping as early as possible Create a Sleep Schedule
  • Creating a sleep schedule– my daughters’ sleep schedule has been all over the place since she’s been born, and it hasn’t been an easy ride. To keep from the crazy sleeping habits, it’s best to first figure out your baby’s natural sleeping schedule and if you find it is a good one, try your best to stick with it. If you find that over time it is still all over the place , then start practicing habits that’ll actually help your baby get on track with their sleeping schedule. Some examples are: setting set eating schedules, doing certain activities only during certain times like playing lullaby’s and reading books (recommended for night time), and or making sure there’s just enough light in the room during nap times to help your baby understand the difference between night time and day time.
  • Let your baby cry sometimes– if my mother just so happens to read this she’d shake her head because this is the one thing she told me to do that I just couldn’t stick with . Having a little baby is such a precious journey and sometimes when they’re crying to the top of their lungs you start to feel guilty or as if you aren’t being a good mother. Also, I know that I’m being a bit of a hypocrite because if I were to ever have another child this will be such a challenge for me once again, but let’s pray that I’ll do better the next go around.

It’s Okay to Let Them Cry

The entire concept of letting your child cry sometimes is okay, honestly. It’ll teach your baby that mommy will make sure that their every need is met, but that they don’t have to be held every single moment of their precious little lives. It will discipline them to be able to sleep on their own as well. Plus, it’ll help any mama be able to get a few extra tasks marked off of her to do list rather it is house chores or any work related items.

I truly hope that reading this helps you take these things into consideration. Remember that you aren’t a baby mom either way, some of us can’t help but to fall into the spoiling trap and other mamas just know that they have other important things to get done as well . It is completely fine, I just hope these few tips help you on your journey to becoming the best boss mama you can be. 

Later mamas–
Charnel Graham

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