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Hey mamas so today I wanted to share with you how I decorated my daughters nursery and where I purchased some of the nursery items from 

(This post contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you do decide to purchase through my links. Thank you for your support.)

My daughter’s nursery (she is now 3 years old)
  • So first the curtains , I believe I purchased from Target. I thought they were super cute and girly 

-The crib is a 3 in one crib, that turns into a toddler bed and has a changing station as well, this was a gift from aunt before she was born.

-the crib sheet, canopy, and gold wall decals were  purchased off of amazon each were around $10 each, but I used amazon credits that I had stacked up from various apps so those 3 were basically free

The girly stuff

Gold wall decals:

-The nursery chair was purchased from Walmart, but we plan on purchasing a new chair soon, as this chair is fairly uncomfortable

-The dresser was also a Walmart purchase, it has 3 small shelves for decoration, books, or whatever your heart desires.


-The pillows came from 5 and below, these pillows were $5 each I think lol. 

  • The rug and throw blanket came from target, one of my favorite stores of course. It is a throw blanket however, I folded up because I thought it looked better that way.  (rug), (blanket)
  • The tent came from amazon as well, it was actually $10 , I caught this deal from one of the various deal pages I follow on Instagram. (tent )


  • I’ve since then switched my daughters room so that she can have more space. She now has a ton of toys everywhere with barely any space to navigate. I plan to redo her room sometime this year. I definitely plan to share this room redo either as another blog post or as a vlog on my YouTube channel, which I plan to really get into soon. However, if you were interested in a specific item please let me know. Please let me know your thoughts below. I do apologize for not posting many pictures as this picture was taken when her room was pretty much first finished. However, I do hope you all enjoy this quick post and please if you have any thoughts please leave them below. Later mamas 

Update, I have since redecorated my daughter’s room. I will give you all updates soon.

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4 months ago

Her room looks so cute!! So many great ideas!!