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Tips for new or soon to be dads 

Now I know this blog is mainly centered toward moms, but believe it or not the dads role is just as important. Sometimes us as mothers tackle so much on our own that we forget that we have those strong men to lend a hand. Do not be afraid to ask for help and your spouse or child’s father should be opening to assisting because it does take 2. Here are some tips for you can give to your child’s father to help out. 

  1. Cleaning and cooking- now I know most men prefer the women to do this job however, when us women become new moms it’s so important that our men have our backs. Being a new mom is so tiring and not taking away from the tiredness of the man having to work, but trust me it is no where near the level of a mothers “tired”. Even if you both swap chore days to lessen the stress off of both of you. This will definitely help both parents transitions into new parenthood 
  2. Helping when the baby cries- now normally as a new mom we’re getting up every 2 to 3 hours to feed our hungry babies and I think we both can agree that it is exhausting ! If your wife or girlfriend is sleeping, take the initiative to rock the baby back to sleep, we really appreciate things like this, it lets us know that we aren’t alone and if feels amazing !

How New Dads Can Help Moms Out

  1. Change those diapers- Men seem to dread this part of fatherhood, but hey we all have to do it as parents. And simply changing your baby’s diaper could help your partner finish up whatever task they have at hand, whether it’s cleaning, cooking, or showering. 
  2. Engage with the baby- a lot of men feel that the newborn stage is boring because the baby mainly sleeps and eats, but this is the perfect time to sing your baby songs and do skin to skin. These precious moments are so important in building that bond with your baby, because you won’t forget them.
  3. Bath time- assisting with bath time can really help your spouse or girlfriend out. Whether she’s napping or completing another task like most of us moms usually are, bath time is such a cute bonding time for dads to take the initiative to bond with their babies. 

These are just 5 helpful tools I have for new or soon to be dads to help to take the weight of of their partners shoulders during new parenthood. If you have any good suggestions , please leave them below.–

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Jeannie M | Absolutely Enchantinq

As a first time mom, I have always appreciated every help I could get. This post is important. Thanks for sharing

3 months ago

These are some really helpful tips for new dads! Thank you for sharing your tips!