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Raising black children in today’s world 

5 things you can do to teach your kids about Racism 

Raising Black children in today’s world is not a simple task. Whether you have experienced racism or have partaken in it, you know that it is nothing to play with. People are racially profiled everyday because of the color of their skin as well not receiving positive opportunities because of this. Racism can start very early on a persons life as it did with me. 

We have to stand up

Just to give an example: when I was in the third grade, two Caucasian girls cornered me in the bathroom and once I went to tell my teacher she told me that they wouldn’t do that to me and it was I that cornered them. It had messed me up mentally because apart of me knew this was wrong, but I never discussed it with my mom because it didn’t occur to me that a thing called “racism” was what I had experienced. It had took me years to understand the concept of racism and now I know why I remember this day so vividly and it’s because I had experienced something that African American/ Black people had experienced for so many years. 

I wanted to give some suggestions on things that you can do to educate your children on the subject of racism, so that they’ll know how to handle situations of racism:

•Educate yourself & children about African American history- I know that Black history is presented vaguely in history books and maybe you don’t know much about Black history yourself, but there is so much information to learn about the history of Black people. Not only can you visit your local library, but you can also check on amazon and google search to teach your children about racism. 

•Teach your children about choosing their friends based on their character and not their skin color- There are so many people out there that have nothing but one race of friends. In most cases, this may be the norm depending on where a person lives, but this is a great reason for children to be involved in sports and different activities that will open them up to interaction with kids from other races. 

•Do Not Teach Your Kid “Not To See Color”- This is very offensive to some and teaching them “Not to see color” is only trying to avoid the true issue. You see a persons color quite clearly unless you simply are unable to see. Teach your child to see color and recognize that African American people are in many situations treated unfairly because of their skin tone. Let your child know that this is a wrong and that they should aspire to treat people fairly and that it is ok to see beauty in other shades. 

Be Aware of Your Priviledge

  • Be aware of your privilege- This is more specific to Caucasian people, but can also be for African American and Black people who may have had a different upbringing than most Black kids. It is very important for children to recognize how fortunate they are first as Caucasian person who doesn’t have to wake up wondering if they’ll make it home today because they experienced racism. Those that are brought black, but brought up in nicer neighborhoods and are well off also need to understand that they are still Black, and in most cases this does not exempt you from experiencing racism. If your children are rather fortunate, teach them about the children who are less fortunate and who have more difficulties based on their financial situations and skin color. 

•Stop telling people to get over it- Another way you can teach your children about racism is to be an example to them. If they constantly hear you discussing that Black people are the cause of all of their downfalls and that racism was so long ago and we need to get over it, you are simply teaching them to believe that. The people who speak like this are people who are simply misinformed and ignorant to the fact that in most cases Black people aren’t awarded the same opportunities as them because of their skincare color and our Black Ancestors have fought many years to get us to a place where we would be treated fairly, but somehow are still dealing with issues that our ancestors suffered from many many years ago. 

Please take this post as a chance to learn and grow. It is ok if you were one of those ignorant people who was taught to believe these terrible things about Black people, but it is amazing that you are willing to unlearn those thoughts and behaviors that you have/had toward Black people. This country was built on the backs of slaves and it is extremely sad to make excuses as to why Black people should be treated this way after so many hard years. Inform your children. Please leave any thoughts below. —
Charnel Graham


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