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I wanted to share some “Screen Free Activities For Families”. If you are trying to find ways that you and your family to enjoy each other without the screen, then let’s get started.

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  1. Go to the library- The library is a fun way to engage in fun learning activities without using your phone or a computer screen. Read a book, or even engage in puppet play in the children’s area.
  2. Go for a walk- You can never go wrong with a nice walk in the park on a nice day out!
  3. Cook dinner together- I love cooking with my family! It gives us a chance to bond and prepare a great meal together.

More Fun Screen Free Activities for Families

  1. Play board games- My favorite board game is “Trouble”. Why not get the family together for a nice board game day?
  2. Play with chalk- You can draw a hopscotch board or even draw a family portrait!
  3. Go get ice cream- Kids love ice cream and frozen yogurt! There’s nothing better than a tasty ice cream cone on a warm day.
  4. Scrapbook together- If you have tons of pictures stacked up, it may be time for a scrapbook! This is an awesome way to bond with the family and look back at some of your most precious memories.
  5. Go to a ball game- If your family loves sports then try gathering everyone for a ball game.
  6. Go to the park- this one is simple, but often overlooked. Just simply taking your family to a park can mean the most to them.
  7. Play hide and go seek- Whether in your back yard or in the house, this is a fun and engaging activity that also adds excitement.

I hope this list gave you some screen free activities for your family.

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12 days ago

Great suggestions here! Cooking and board games are always a winner in our house!