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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Many new moms get super nervous when it’s time to pack your hospital bag, believe me I was the exact same way. I packed so much stuff, but I didn’t know that I would end up in the hospital for 4 long days due to my having pre-eclampsia. So here’s a list for you all to pack so that you can have everything you need packed just in case of any unexpected events. 

  • comfort clothes (at least 2 outfits)- this could be pajamas or even some comfy loungewear because trust me, you want to be as comfortable as possible because you will experience lots of discomfort during this time of healing. 
  • Phone and phone charger- the reason I put this is because I literally forgot my charger at home and I was in the hospital for 4 days. .
  • Baby outfits (Pack at least 3)- whether you plan on getting pictures taken or taking them yourself, these pictures will be ones to remember so you want to be sure to pack those cute outfits. 
  • Your travel essentials bag- this bag will have your toothbrush, tooth paste, favorite non-scented soap (you don’t want to irritate your body or cause infection), and any other small toiletries that you may need.

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

  • Important IDs and documents- you always want to have important items like this with you.
  • Sources of entertainment- Whether it is music or a book, but you will probably be too busy cuddling your baby. 
  • Healthy snacks- I was on extreme restrictions due to my blood pressure. However, we all know hospital food isn’t all that great.
  • Comfortable socks and house shoes- you want your feet to be warm and comfy because you’ll tend to get extremely uncomfortable. 

Safety First!

  • Car seat- don’t forget your car seat. You’ll need to have this to leave with the baby of course. Here’s my affiliate link to a few affordable car seats, if you have not yet purchased or received one. (This portion does contain affiliate links that I may receive a small commission from if you decide to purchase. I do not share products that I do not find useful or that I would not use myself.)

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These are all of the items that I can think of for right now. If you all have any other good hospital bag essentials please write them below, I’m sure new moms would love to be prepared on their hospital stay.

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